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Social entrepreneurs are inventing new technologies to solve the world’s problems – energy, pollution, and illiteracy – to name just a few. But it takes more than a new technology to make life better.

For social enterprises to increase their impact as agents of change, they will need to navigate the broader system of formal and informal norms, social relations, laws and policies that constitute the economic and social fabric. This broader system can enable or undermine women's access to resources and opportunities, promote or prevent their decision-making power, and cannot be overlooked as it inevitably impacts the economic potential of communities and societies in general.

Women and girls often face different or additional challenges in society, compared to men and boys. We want to understand how social enterprise is already addressing those challenges, and ways in which social enterprise could do even more.

Women's Empowerment & Social Entrepreneurship:

British council through its Global Social Entrepreneurship Programme promotes Social Enterprise for an inclusive and sustainable future.

The programme provides social entrepreneurs with access to training, consultancy and investment opportunities to scale up their activities. It also works with policy leaders to create an enabling environment for social enterprise. Further, the programme promotes social enterprise education and academic collaboration and develops social enterprise approaches to international development.

Currently, British Council has initiated a multi-country (UK, USA, Brazil, Pakistan and India) research project titled, "Social Enterprise and Women's Empowerment" to understand the interplay between Social Enterprise and Women's Empowerment.

  • To what extent are social enterprises challenging or reinforcing gender norms and stereotypes in the economy?
  • Do a significant number of social enterprises seek to provide greater opportunity/access to resources for women, or address key issues related to women and girls empowerment issues?
  • What role are women playing in growing a more social economy?
  • Is social enterprise providing an effective platform for women's empowerment?

CSIE is part of the research consortium and we are conducting research (interview with experts/leaders, online surveys) and organizing round table discussions on Women's Empowerment and Social Entrepreneurship to gather data and understand the role of social enterprises in empowering women.

We are reaching out to stakeholders - social enterprises, NGOs, academicians, investors, policymakers, etc to participate in this activity.

Take the survey, share your views, and receive an invitation to local networking and dialogue events across India (Pune, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad) hosted along with the British Council.

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