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Students at IITM are the primary focus of the activities of CSIE. CSIE works with students on activities such as education and research.

If you are a student of IITM looking for a place to satisfy your curiosity about social innovation and entrepreneurship, if you are interested in engaging in first-hand research in rural India, or looking for a place to help grow your socially-relevant business idea, CSIE has a number of programs and activities for you.



Currently CSIE offers a Minor course in Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship. This course is open as a Minor specialization to all B.Tech students in their 3rd and 4th year of their undergraduate degree. Students from other degree programs may also participate in this course as an elective.

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Academic Research:

Another aspect of CSIE’s work is in academic research. Research scholars (MS, PhD students) can work on their research interests with support from CSIE. Students are also invited to explore the possibility of collaborating with the faculty at IIT Madras in projects related to social innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Links to other sites

For incubation and funding - E-CELL IITM, RTBI at IITM and Villgro
Technology projects (Social purpose) - RuTAG (Tamil Nadu) and SRP (Socially Relevant Projects)


Testimonials from students of Minor Course

"The course was very much different from the usual courses at IIT making it very interesting to work and think differently."

Amarnath, Mayur and Sagar - IIT-M students, on course 2 of minor in Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship..

"Now we have got the flavor for business and how things work, the risks involved, the patience required and the strategies that can be employed."

IIT-M students of group project Carl Wind Belts, on minor in Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship..

"This course has helped me not just in realizing the complexities of the Business world, but also it made me realize certain hidden abilities in me."

Raviteja G, IIT-M student, on the minor in Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship..

"I am loving the course not only because it is about social entrepreneurship, but also because the way it is structured and different from other courses at IIT-M."

Rakshit Agarwal, IIT-M student, on the minor in Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship..

"We too enjoyed the course a lot. Word has already spread across the campus that the course is really rewarding."

Sudheesh C, IIT-M student, on the minor in Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship..


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