For Faculty


The faculty at IITM have been instrumental in leading IITM initiatives in the field of social innovation and entrepreneurship since 2002, when the L-RAMP project was operating. Currently faculty are involved in several ways – through their participation in the delivery of the Minor Course in Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship, academic research and governance of the Centre.

We would like to explore ways by which we can strengthen faculty participation in the running of Centre.


How can you collaborate?

  • Participate in research through CSIE – For example, if you are a faculty at Civil Engineering with an interest in low cost housing, low cost sanitation and similar areas, CSIE can provide you support for your research work
  • Mentor students of Minor course in their projects
  • Deliver guest lectures to students of the Minor course
  • Allow CSIE to document your technology research projects, from the perspective of social innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Participate as a speaker or panelist at CSIE events
  • Help develop and design education programs that can be offered through CSIE

Expansion Plans at CSIE

While CSIE currently focuses on education and research, we intend to launch several other areas of activities in the future. We invite you to explore collaboration with us, as per your interests.

  • Applied (sponsored) research/Consultancy
  • Coordination – internal at IITM
  • Documentation
  • External Networking
  • Faculty sabbatical program


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