Socially Relevant Projects at IIT Madras

Digital Handbook: Social projects at IITM, sector wise initiatives

IIT Madras has been in the forefront in developing technologies to solve pressing problems of the society. Digital handbook aims to sufficiently organise and disseminate information about these projects within student and faculty community.

Projects at Socially relevant projects (SRP), Rural Technology Action Group (RuTAG), TeNeT group, Engineering design department and other departments supports sizable number of such projects.


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Stirling Engine
Problem The lack of electricity in rural areas and the abundance of biomass
Solution The product focuses on utilizing the energy content in the biomass developed in agricultural fields
Problem We believe that blatant automation in all industries is often not possible and manual labor...
Solution The concept of the device is to convert the stair climbing motion of a person into rotary output,
Documentation yet to be uploaded
(Details yet to be sought & uploaded on website)
Cableway for Post-harvest Resource Collection Dr Shankar Krishnapillai
Details yet to be uploaded
Differently Abled
Devices to Support Disabled Children by Dr M Manivannan
Enabling Mobility with the I-TaG, Devices for individuals with Cerebral Palsy by Dr Anil Prabhakar
VIDYA-SRUTHI- Knowledge through Voice Dr Devendra Jalihal, Dr Ashok Jhunjhunwala
Enabling Mobility with the I-TaG Dr Nitin Chandrachoodan
Adjustable Braces for Children Affected by Polio by Dr Sujatha Srinivasan
Details yet to be uploaded
Tricycle for physically challenged
Problem meant for mobility challenged and economically disadvantaged people
Solution 1. Fitting rear wheels with independent suspensions or shock-absorbers...
Bamboo Cycle
Problem Bicycles offer a healthy, eco-friendly and affordable means of transportation
Solution Making the frames out of bamboo, a fast-growing, sustainable and ubiquitous material............
Treatment of Sullage in rural areas by Dr Pushpavanam
Eco friendly disposal methods for sanitary napkins Dr Susy Varughese
White Clay Disposable Cups Dr Susy Varughese
Details yet to be uploaded
Fabrication of miniature wind turbine driven generator by Dr KV Nagendra Gopal, Dr Shankar Krishnapillai)
Biogas production from non-edible oil cakes for power generation in rural areas by Dr KB Ramachandran, Dr TS Chandra
Micro-Hydro Power Unit with Savonius rotor based water turbine Dr Shankar Krishnapillai
Design and development of solar absorption refrigeration system for rural applications Dr A Mani
Details yet to be uploaded
Page flipper
Problem differently-abled section of the society who require help of others to flip pages of books every time they read
Solution The Page Flipper is a simple, economical and effective device that can flip pages of any book
Surgical Grasper cum Scissors
Problem Surgeons often have to repeatedly insert and remove instruments during laparoscopic surgery.
Solution By combining the surgical scissors and graspers into a single instrument
Government funding for health care – a model for payer targeted approach ‘KAI RAaSI CLINICS’ by Dr Thillai Rajan A, Dr Debashis Acharya, Dr G Arun Kumar
Details yet to be uploaded
Housing and Rehabilitation of Tsunami Victims by Dr Prema Rajagopalan
Details yet to be uploaded
Water and Sanitation
Economical and Easy to Use Water Quality Test Kits by Dr Ligy Philip
A Desalination Unit for Water Purification Using Solar Energy by Dr TK Varadarajan
Humane sewer cleaning system by Dr. B.S. Murty, Dr Ligy Philip
Details yet to be uploaded


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