Academic and Sponsored Research


A core part of CSIE’s work is in academic and sponsored research. The goal is to leverage the research interests of faculty and students of the Institution to contribute to the creation of first-hand knowledge of social enterprises in India.


National Conference and Research Workshop

CSIE co-organised National Conference and Research Workshop on ‘Technology, Innovation and Social Change’ at TISS 16-18 Aug.
The key note address was delivered by Prof LS Ganesh.


Partnership for research and networking

Joseph Thomas, CSIE is a member, Project Advisory Committee of Universities and Councils Network on Innovation for Inclusive Development in South East Asia, Ateneo School of Government, Manila Phillipines (2012 onwards)

Joseph Thomas, CSIE is a member of Core Advisory Group on Sustainable Agriculture Business Principles of The United Nations Global Compact (Jan 2013 onwards)

Nishant Goyal, CSIE is working with Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, Tata Institute of Social Sciences on a research project ‘Evaluation of Social Entrepreneurship education in India’, funded by IDRC Canada and managed by Villgro.

We are looking to build partnerships with other organisations including research centers at other IITs and academic institutions.



The social enterprise sector is a new, yet dynamic field. The sector is characterized by unique business models, dynamic partnerships, changing regulation and so on. It is not adequately studied and documented, at least in India. Practitioners have found that there is little practical information on the various aspects of the sector. It is for this reason that CSIE has chosen to focus on research. By focusing on research CSIE hopes to contribute to the growth of the sector by providing various stakeholders with valuable information.


Who will research?

The research will be undertaken primarily by faculty and staff at IIT-Madras, with students participating as per their interest. Research scholars (MS, PhD students) can work on their research interests with CSIE in allied areas.

In order to support faculty in doing full time research, CSIE would facilitate faculty ‘sabbaticals’ from their main departments at IIT.


What will be researched, areas of research interest

The research areas in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship may include the social, economic and political context, management and governance at organizational, regulatory level and government support, as well as domain areas like education, energy etc.

Some of the proposed research areas include:

  • Research on funding and financial models
  • Identifying reasons for success and failure of social enterprises
  • Building a social enterprise’s organization structure
  • Operational aspects of social enterprises
  • Critiquing various business models
  • Legal and regulatory issues surrounding social enterprise


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