CSIE partners with E4C


Centre for Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CSIE), IIT Madras is now partnered with Engineers For Change (E4C) to identify and promote socially relevant technologies.


About E4C :

E4C, a nonprofit organization based out of United States, is a knowledge exchange platform and a global community of nearly 1,000,000 followers. E4C’s mission is to prepare, educate and activate the international engineering workforce to improve the quality of life of underserved communities worldwide.

E4C has developed an active database of products and services that are accessible and appropriate for those living in poverty(located at www.engineeringforchange.org/solutions) (“Solutions Library”).The data in the Solutions Library (e.g., summarized in Schedule B)is selected technical and market performance information that provides a uniform metrology to support side-by-side comparison, analysis of market influences and promote innovation.E4C and CSIE wish to collaborate to promote technology for development and the engineering for global development field.

E4C and CSIE will focus on Developing and advancing technical content for global development practitioners presented via the Solutions Library and Research Page (located at https://www.engineeringforchange.org/research)

CSIE now invites everyone in its network to contribute to the Solutions Library.


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